HRM Modules
The Norming eHRMS provides a set of powerful human resource management features to automate employee management, recruitment, training, leave tracking, benefit planning and payroll calculation. 

Employee Management 

1.  The Employee database includes personal information, dependents, job
      description, job history, skill set, training history, education and work experience of
      each employee. The employee maintenance screens can be customized for a
      company‚Äôs specific needs.
2.   Provides job management functionality to review, transfer or terminate the
      employment relationship between the employee and employer.
      All activities such as changes of job responsibility, work calendar, payroll and
      benefits are kept in job history.

3.   Provides skill and certification management functionality to document and maintain
      employees' skill sets and certificates. 

Recruitment Management

4.   Allows user to manage recruitment campaign for jobs with specified job
       responsibility, skill requirement, and recruitment process.
5.   Job opportunities can be released on the ESS portal or the company's website via
      the eRecruiter module. Any applicants can submit an online job application via a
      web browser, and employees can apply for other jobs on the ESS portal.
6.   Administrators or managers can set up a hiring workflow for each job opportunity to
      make sure every applicant follows the specified appraisal process.
7.   After job applications go through the specified approval workflow, external
      applicants could be converted to an employee, and employees could be
      transferred to other jobs.

Training Management

8.   Allows user to maintain training courses with specific course type, content, time
      and cost.
9.   Managers can plan training classes or seminars with specified training course,
      instructor, location, start and end time.
10. Employees can find training plans and submit enrollment requests on ESS portal. 

Leave Tracking

11. Unlimited leave codes could be created to track employee's absence or vacation.
12. Allows users to set up accruals or reset formulas to automatically update the
      available vacation or leave days for employees.
13. Employees can submit leave requests and check leave history on the ESS portal.
14. Approval of leave requests could update the employee status and pass the leave
       time to the employee timesheet. 

Benefit and Payroll

15. Unlimited earning and deduction codes could be created for payroll calculations,
      such as base salary, hourly salary, bonus, allowances, benefits, overtime pay,
      absence deductions, loan repayments and expense reimbursements.
16. The calculations of earnings or deductions could be configured with user-defined
       formulas, which may include benefit contribution, timesheets, cash advances and
       expense reimbursement records.
17. Income tax tables and tax return formats could be set up per company specific
18. Unlimited benefit plans could be created with unique coverage amount, contribution
       formulas and eligibility criteria. Employees can submit enrollment applications for
       optional benefit plans on the ESS portal.
19. The employee's contribution to benefits could be passed to a deduction code in
       payroll calculation.
20. Creates Sage 300 G/L transactions automatically for allocating payroll and benefit

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