Asset Leasing
Based on the Asset Accounting module, the Asset Leasing module can be used to manage the asset leasing activity, and to process lease billing transaction with the Sage Accpac ERP Account Receivable module.

Lease Rate

  * Sets up a variety of lease UOM for one asset, such as Year, Month, Week, Day, etc. 
  * Defines billing rates for assets in a specific lease UOM.

Lease Contract

  * Lease contract can be signed with customer for leasing assets out.
  * Lease contract can be signed with vendor for leasing assets in.
  * Specifies due date for lease contract.
  * Includes multiple assets in a lease contract.
  * Defines lease quantity, UOM and billing rate for each asset. 
  * Sets up a billing schedule for each leased asset. 
  * Defines lease revenue/exepense account for each asset. 
  * Calculates interest ont lease principal if needed.

 Lease Billing Process

  * Creates billing batch automatically based on the billing schedule of lease contract.
  * Books lease revenue/expense against lease contract. 
  * Post lease billing batch to creates A/R or A/P invoice batch automatically. 
  * Post lease billing batch to updates the billing schedule. 
  * Post lease billing batch to updates the lease billing history. 

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