Asset Maintenance
Based on the Asset Accounting module, the Asset Maintenance module can be used to manage the maintenance activtity for equipments and components. By specifying maintenance budget on SLA and maintenance order, the maintenance expense is under control. 

Equipment and Meter

  * Equipments must be copied from asset register. 
  * Components can be set up for an equipment.
  * Multiple meters can be assigned to equipment and component.
  * Meter is set up to track the equipment usage.
  * Specify the usage criteria for meters to create maintenance order on meter reading.

Maintenance Resource

  * Maintenance resources must be assigned to maintenance order and expense entry.
  * Maintenance resources are set up to identify the maintenance expense. 
  * Maintenance resources define the cost class of maintenance expenses.

Service Level Agreement

  * A service level agreement is signed up with a vendor to define the service terms.
  * Multiple SLA's can be set up for an equipment or component. 
  * Notification template can be assigned to a SLA to notify of equipment maintenance. 
  * Maintenance budget can be specified for SLA to control the maintenance expense.

Maintenance Order

  * Maintenance order defines the maintenance activities for equipments with a vendor.? 
  * Maintenance order assigns maintenance resource for maintaining equipments.
  * Budget can be set up for maintenance order to control maintenance expense. 
  * Maintenance order can be created automatically by meter reading.
  * Purchase requisition can be created maintenance order.

Maintenance Expense Process

  * Maintenance expense entry must be entered against maintenance order.
  * Posting maintenance batch creates AP invoice batch automatically.
  * Posting maintenance batch updates the actual expenditure.
  * Posting maintenance batch updates the asset maintenance history.
  * Creates IC shipments to issue IC item for asset maintenance.
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