Time Tracking

The Time Management suite includes three components, Timesheet, Leave and Overtime.


The Timesheet module tracks time on Projects, Phases and Tasks with both a cost and a billing rate applied to the worked time. The approved timesheet can be directly passed to Sage 300 side for accounting purpose.

  * Sets up work calendar to define workday, weekend and holiday for employees.
  * Creates timesheet period to define the frequency to submit timesheet.
  * Validates minimum or maximum work time on daily or period basis.
  * Defines regular daily working time for employee.
  * Displays timesheet in grid or in/out format.
  * Enters time against Project, Phase, WBS and Task if project module is enabled.
  * Posts timesheet to Sage 300 PJC Timecard and Payroll Timecard.

Leave Tracking 

The Leave module manages various types and principles for vacation and leave in the organization, tracks leave account and history for employees. Web-based and Mobile-based screens enable entry and approval process anytime and anywhere.

Overtime Tracking 

The Overtime module tracks request and approval for overtime, and manages overtime bank for employees. Overtime bank can be taken through the Leave module or cashed from the Payroll module.

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