Norming Resource Manager 2024 is Released

January 6th 2024

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. Norming Resource Manager 2024 is released with the below new features:

Part I - New Modules

● PJC Estimate Revise Requisition

Allows users to submit PJC Estimate Revise requests through the Resource Manager Employee Portal. The approved PJC estimate revise requests can be posted to Sage 300 PJC module automatically or manually per the settings.

Part II - New Features

A/P Invoice Requisition

1. Attachments can be added at the invoice detail level.

2. Distribution set and distribution amount can be specified on the A/P Invoice Requisition screen to create distribution details.

AP Payment Requisition

1. Division code, region code, department code, cost center code and job code can be specified in payment requisition.

2. Provides a setup option to define the action of the 'Delete' button, to permanently delete or just mark a payment requisition as 'Deleted'.

Sales Quotation

1. The following fields can be maintained in Sales Quotation: 'Ship-To Location Details' and 'Ship Via'.

2. The following fields can be maintained in Sales Quotation detail: GL Account, Weight, Weight UOM and Customer Item Number.

LEM Report

1. Provides the permission control on 'Location' for Material resources.

2. Provides settings in Backend Options to determine the information sent to Entry Description, Entry Reference and Detail Comment fields of the PJC Transactions that generated by the LEM reports.

Expense Report

1. A travel request can be tied to multiple expense reports. While in the previous versions, a travel request can only be bound to one expense report. To prevent too many travel requests displayed in the 'Travel Request' dropdown list in the ESS/Expenses screen, only the ones entered in last 180 days will be displayed.

Cash Advance

1. Multiple attachments can be uploaded for each cash advance.

Manager Console

1. Provides an option in Backend/Manager Console Permission icon to determine whether to display 'Open' and 'Rejected' status documents in Manager Console.

2. Provides an option in Backend/Manager Console Permission icon to determine whether to allow rejection of 'Approved' documents in Manager Console.

E-mail Templates

1. Allows the following variables in the 'CC' field:

 ○ EMPEMAIL                  - Employee's E-mail Address

 ○ ACTIONER_EMAIL       - Current Actioner's E-mail Address

 ○ SUPERVISOR_EMAIL   - E-mail Address of Next Actioner's Supervisor

 ○ SUBSTITUTEBY           - E-mail Address of Next Actioner's Substitute Employees

2. Enhances the E-mail templates by adding the following variables:

 ○ ACTIONER                   - Current Actioner

 ○ ACTIONER_NAME       - Current Actioner Name

 ○ ACTIONER_FNAME      - Current Actioner First Name

 ○ ACTIONER_LNAME      - Current Actioner Last Name

Mobile APP

1. Allows to enter and submit LEM Report via the mobile App.

2. Allows to use the Microsoft Azure AD to log in the mobile App.

Web Screen

1. Provides web screen for PJC Estimate Revise Requisition.

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