Norming Asset Management 2024 is Released

November 3rd 2023

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. Norming Fixed Asset Management 2024 is released with the below new features:

Part I - Highlights

• Integrates with Sage 300 from version 2019 to 2024.

• Allows multiple attachments in Asset Register.

• Prompts warning message when the subscription license is about to expire in 1 month, 15 days and 7 days.

Part II - New Features


1. Enhances the Acquisition Transaction in the following aspects:

   a. Allows to convert one AP invoice as a fixed asset. Previously, conversion is processed at the invoice detail level.

   b. For transactions that convert AP Invoice(PO Invoice/PO Receipt) details to fixed assets, now you can process an AP Invoice(PO Invoice/PO Receipt) multiple times and convert only part of the details at a time.

2. Improves the Asset Schedule Report to display the 'WIP' related fields.

3. Allows depreciation to be reversed to a period earlier than when adjustment happens. Previously, depreciation can be reversed back to the latest adjustment period only.

4. Optional Fields can be maintained on the Bulk Disposal screen.


1. Provides the 'Barcode Download' function in the Web Screen.


1. 'Service Date' can be specified at the detail level in maintenance entries.


1. Improvements made to the 'Lease Rate Transfer to A/R Item' function:

   a. Allows to specify the Revenue/Inventory/COGS accounts.

   b. Distribution Code is no longer mandatorily required.

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