Norming Resource Manager 2023 is Released

May 31st 2023

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. Norming Resource Manager 2023 is released with the below new features:

Part I - New Modules

• I/C Transfer Requisition
• G/L Entry Requisition

Part II - Highlights

Approval Workflow Enhancement

• The 'Endorse' or 'Not Endorse' action can send email notifications to the person who raises the endorsement request.

Part III - New Features

Purchase Requisition

1. Improvements on RFQ

   a. During the PR posting process, email notification(s) can be sent to the chosen and un-chosen suppliers per settings.

   b. Allows suppliers to specify exchange rate.

2. Allows to modify the 'Tax Include' flag.

3. Enhances the numbering rules, allows to use different au-numbering segment respectively for PR and PO request.  

4. More fields are available in PR screen: Vendor Address, Contact and Billing to Location.

5. Displays the amount total for details.

6. Provides the 'Create RM PRs from I/C' tool in the backend to create R/M Purchases requisition based on the IC Reorder Quantities.

7. Send email notification to buyers if any PR is generated from the following Backend tools:

   • Create RM PRs/POs from O/E

   • Create RM POs from P/O PRs

   • Create RM PRs from I/C

   • Item Usage Requisition

   • Item Requirement

P/O Receipt Requisition

1. Supports Additional Cost

2. Allows to maintain 'FOB Point' in the requisition.

P/O Invoice Requisition

1. The permission on 'P/O Receipt Entry' field can be defined through the Backend/Permission Groups functionality.

2. Auto-allocates tax amount to details.

3. Allows to create a new P/O invoice requisition for one P/O receipt before its existing P/O invoice(s) has been posted.

A/P Invoice Requisition

1. Provides the 'Copy' function.

2. Maintains a separate requisition number for A/P Invoice requisition, while in the previous version, only the invoice number is available.

3. Add the 'On Hold' status.

A/P Automation

1. Allows User to specify an A/P invoice requisition type on the OCR screen.

AP Payment Requisition

1. Allows to maintain 'Payment Code'

Item Usage Requisition

1. Provides setup options to decide how to maintain the 'I/C Item Usage Date' and 'PJC Material Usage Date'. Three choices are provided, Requisition Date, Session Date and Approval Date.

2. Provides the ability to check 'QTY to Issue' against the 'Available QTY', warning or error message can be prompted.

3. Item Category can be maintained in the ESS Portal.

Sales Quotation

1. More fields are available in the SQ screen, 'PO Number', 'Customer Address' and 'Contact' fields.

2. Emails can be sent to the specified roles during the SQ posting process.

3. The values for item's optional fields can be passed to SQ details automatically.


1. For Job-related expenses, an option is provided in the Expense Options to determine where to retrieve the default expense account, from Expense Code or PJC project/category.

Cash Advance

1. The fields' level access control can be defined in ESS Group/User.

2. Provides an option in the Expense Options to limit the Advance Currency to Reimbursement currencies defined in Employee.

Travel Request

1. Provides the Travel Request Types setup code.

Manager Console

1. Allows to add filter by Header Level Optional Fields

2. Allows to set up Access Permission by transaction type.

Admin Portal

1. Provides the 'License Details Report'

2. Provides the 'ESS Users Report'

Mobile APP

1. Provide the approval function for the below transaction:

   • I/C Transfer Requisition

   • G/L Entry Requisition

Web Screen

1. Provides the web screen for Item Usage Requisition Entry.

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