Norming Resource Manager 2022 PU2 is Released

November 18th 2022

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. Norming Resource Manager 2022 PU2 is released with the below new features:

Part I - Highlights

• Supports to send E-mails through Microsoft Graph.

• Provides the 'Urgent' field for the following transactions to mark some requests that should be processed first: Purchase Requisition, Item Usage Requisition, AP Invoice Requisition, AP Payment Requisition, PO Invoice Requisition, PO Receipt Requisition and Sales Quotation.

• Enhances the E-mail alerts to allow transactions' header fields in the E-mail template.

Part II - New Features

Purchase Requisition

1. New features for RFQ (Request for Quote) function:

  1.1. Provides the 'Bulk Add Vendors' button, which allows you to add multiple vendors with several mouse click to request quote from.

  1.2. Allows vendors to upload multiple attachments in the Vendor Portal.

2. Provides the 'Create R/M POs from P/O PRs' utility in the Backend Application, to create Resource Manager 'PO' type purchase requisitions from Sage 300 P/O requisition entries.

3. The access permission to the following buttons can be defined in the Admin Portal/ESS Group (and ESS User), 'Copy PR', 'Fill Default Items', 'Consolidate', 'Import' and 'Print'.

4. In the 'Attachment' tab, displays the 'Item Number' for the attachments that are uploaded for requisition details.

5. The optional fields' value specified in the Vendor profile can be applied to the optional fields in purchase requisition header automatically.

6. The budget 'Used Amount' can be adjusted through the Backend/'Budget Request' functionality.

Item Usage Requisition

1. The Quantity-to-Issue and Quantity-to-Purchase for each item can be viewed/edited in the ESS Portal per settings, and the purchase requisition(s) can be created for the un-issued items during posting process automatically.

2. Provides the access control ability on the 'Location Details' information.

Custom Requisition

1. Details can be auto-inserted by clicking the 'Process' button on the requisition screen. To use this function, a database stored procedure should be created firstly.

Sales Quotation

1. Allows to modify the 'Approved' sales quotes per settings.

2. If the 'Unit Price' field has been manually modified, it will not be auto-changed by the system any more, while in the previous version, the 'Unit Price' is changed along with the change on customer, item number, project and etc.

3. The system can be configured to automatically change a sale quote to 'Won' status in the last approval step.

4. The document number can be changed for a new sales quote.

5. Enhances the document numbering rules by providing the following segments: Customer Group, Division, Region, Department and Cost Center.

6. The optional fields' value specified in Sage 300/Item Number can be applied to the optional fields for sales quote details automatically.

AP Payment Requisition

1. Allows to drill down to R/M Purchase Requisition, Expense Report and Advance Request if the relative documents exist.


1. Provides an option in the Backend Application to decide whether to allow Backend user to edit the document number for the 'Approved' expense report.

2. Non-reimbursable flag can be specified at expense report type or expense code level. If the flag is specified at the expense report level, a separate vendor can be specified to pay for the non-reimbursable expenses.  


1. The maximum length for attachment name can be specified in Admin Portal/ESS Portal Options.

Mobile APP

1. Improves the interface for the following functions: Expense Report, Timesheet, Item Usage and Sales Quotation.

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