Norming Payroll Manager 2022 is Released

September 2nd 2022

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. Norming Payroll Manager 2022 is released with the below new features:

Part I - Highlights

• For an open calculation entry, its related earning/deduction or timecard can be modified and re-calculated directly. Whereas in the previous versions, you have to delete the open entry, modify the related items and re-create the calculation entry.

• Provides the ‘Change Employee ID’ utility.

Part II - New Features

Earnings and Deductions

1. Allows to maintain the ‘Employer Adjustment’ field for employer, which can be used for the case that the employer’s portion is calculated with a formula like ‘Base * Percent +/- Adjustment’.

Pay Template

1. Provides the ‘Preview’ screen to preview which employees the template will be assigned to.

Pay Slip Report

1. Uses the Sage standard Email Service to send payslip.

Built-in Tax Table

1. Updates the Mozambique tax table.

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