Norming Resource Manager 2022 PU1 is Released

July 20th 2022

Dear Partners,

Thanks for your continued support of Norming solutions. Norming Resource Manager 2022 PU1 is released with the below new features:

Part I - Highlights

• The Employee Portal is re-designed with four themes provided.

• Provides the AP Automation function – capturing A/P Invoice with OCR technology.

• The workflow 'Endorsement' ability is now available for all transactions.

• Provides the French Overlay.

Part II - New Features

AP Invoice Requisition

1. Supports Retainage function in the AP Invoice Requisition.

2. Supports 'Multiple Payment Schedule' term.

AP Payment Requisition

1. Provides the 'Bulk Pay' ability, like the 'Create Payment Batch' functionality in Sage 300 A/P module, which allows you to create a number of payment requisitions with several mouse clicks.

Purchase Requisition

1. The purchase requisitions that imported through the Backend application can be auto-submitted through schedulers.

2. Exchange Rate can be maintained for 'PO Type' purchase requisition.

3. Keeps the Web Purchase Requisition screen open if the current approver needs to approve the requisition again as another approval role.

Item Usage Requisition

1. Provides the print ability for the Item Usage Requisition Entry in the Back-End application.

Sales Quotation

1. Allows to maintain the 'Exchange Rate' and 'Ship-to Location' for sales quotations.

2. Displays the 'Quantity Available' for Location details.

LEM Report

1. Allows to create PJC Material Usage and Equipment Usage by detail date.

Cash Advance

1. Provides the Advance Request List functionality in the Backend application, which allows you to search cash advance by entry.


1. Provides the Timesheet List functionality in the Backend application which allows you to search and post timesheet by entry.

Expense Report

1. Provides the 'Copy' function, which allows you to create expense reports by copying existing ones.

2. Modifies the posting process for a Job-related Expense Report as follows: creates a Job-related AP invoice for the reimbursable expenses and creates a PJC timecard for the non-reimbursable expenses.

3. The change on the GL Account in the Expense Codes can be applied to Employee Register and Expense Report Types.

Admin Portal

1. Provides the following capabilities to simplify ESS user account settings for multiple entities.

    •  The changes on the ESS User account's settings in one entity can be auto-applied to his/her accounts in the other entities.

    •  When creating new accounts for existing ESS users, the password can be copied to from one entity to the other entities.

Mobile APP

1. Display 'Non-Reimbursable Amount' and 'Billable' fields on Expense Reports.

2. Display the 'Document Number' field on Expense Report List.

3. Provides an option to turn off the auto-upgrade function.

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