Norming Resource Manager 6.4A PU1 Released

October 18th 2017

Norming Resource Manager 6.4A Product Update 1 is released to make the following product improvements

1. Provides the Web Custom Report functionality.1. Provides the Travel Request functionality with the following features:
  1.1. Allows to specify multiple locations/destinations. 
  1.2. Multiple expense codes with estimate cost can be assigned.
  1.3. Multiple documents can be attached. 
  1.4. Optional fields can be maintained for extra information.
2. Allows to define multiple expense report types for different expense reporting purpose, the following information can be specified on the report type:
  2.1. Integation with Sage 300 PJC (or R/M Project).
  2.2. Travel Request required or not.
  2.3. Tax group.
  2.4. Optional fields for Expense Report Header.
  2.5. Specific approval workflow.
3. Enhances the Expense functionality with the following improvements.
  3.1. Allows to specify an expense report type for different expense reporting purpose.
  3.2. User-defined roles and variables can be used for Expense Report Workflow.
4. Displays employee name, number, document number or descriptin on the subject of email alert. 

Back-end Application: 
1. Provides Purchase Requisition Status report.

Front-end Application: 
1. Provides the ability to check limit/expenditure on Expense Report.
2. ESS User is able to maintain his/her own default Project, Phase or Task.

Mobile App: 
1. Allows to define the preferred decimal formats.
2. Provides the ability to check limit/expenditure on Expense Report.

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